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AAI dehumidification system creates the control conditions to convey, cool, freeze, dry and cure foods, right through to packing and storage. This guarantees consistent quality, cost savings and increases throughput. The key is to control the humidity of the surrounding atmosphere with AAI dehumidifiers. It eliminates moisture absorption, condensation, sticking, caking, mold, frost build up and blocked machinery.

Sugar or sugar-based ingredients are moisture sensitive with respect to outside atmospheric humidity levels. At High Humidity these products absorbs moisture and become lumps. This process changes internal micro structure of product which will result in change in taste, color and quality.


When air enters a cold store, its moisture content drops as its temperature falls below dew point and water condenses on to the cold surfaces, particularly on Products and Walls.



    If there is an external force of insects in the food product, they can multiply if proper conditions are not provided. Second, there could be a possibility of the growth of insects from within due to wet surface areas. De-humidifiers play a role in creating hygienic conditions by absorbing water from the air.


    Condensation causes problems like slick floors and ice buildup on racks, coils and lighting fixtures. This leads to product become less turgid, affecting the appearance, quality and shelf-life of the produce, all of which reduce the value of the stock. Aqua Aura dehumidifiers prevent condensation.


    The food industry is incorporating more and more sophisticated technologies to maintain growth fuelled by changing consumer taste and lifestyles. Every processor is endeavoring to ensure that the food product reaches the consumer with the right flavor, perfect shape as well as a long shelf life. Moisture or rather uncontrolled humidity during processing, packaging, storage often plays a party spoiler. Moisture control is essential in every segment of the food industry in the spheres of storage, production, packaging, processing, and low temperature drying.


    In processing powdery foods, especially health foods like juice concentrates, protein supplements, soup powders, cocoa as well as gelatins, dehydrated soft drink concentrates, instant coffee powders and milk powders, the presence of moisture in the surrounding air can cause lumping or caking causing the tiny particles to stick or cluster together, thus inhibiting their free flow in the manufacturing or packaging process. !


    Chocolates, hard candies, chewing gums and such confectionery products contain a large percentage of sugar or sugar-based ingredients which are hygroscopic. When the humidity is high, these products regain moisture and become sticky and prone to mould formation. This inhibits the natural flow as it sticks to the high speed processing and packaging machinery and also to the wrapping material. This affects the hygiene. Dehumidifiers have been helping to ensure required humidity conditions are maintained in processing, coating and packaging areas.


    Wastage of product increases if the product does not satisfy the needs of customer. Almost 30-40% of fresh fruits and vegetables produced are wasted due to decaying or fungal growth or decaying. It happens when proper storage facility is not provided.This wastage would lead to loss in reputation of company as product quality is not maintained.

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