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Dehumidification Process is plying major role in the Electronic Manufacturing Sector. Electronic devices, printed circuit boards, components and data are highly sensitive to electrostatic discharge. In the production of electronic equipment and semiconductors humidity can lead to electrostatic charge. For this reason, sensitive processing steps are being performed in cleanrooms and drying rooms. AAI compact Dehumidifier is ideal for these high requirements during dehumidification.

Large electric motors driving the major equipment and the building’s electrical panels took on moisture as they cooled overnight. When work resumed the next day and power was applied, short circuits were common and electric motors failed prematurely. This is major Issue with old Electric equipment. With a humidity level of 40% RH, surface resistance is lowered on floors, carpets, table mats and other areas. As a result of this AAIdehumidifiers are highly needed to avoid such issues.



    Humidity is one of the factors with heat that causes trouble in the controlling machine. Humidity is the great enemy of joint parts. Corrosion progresses rapidly when humidity exceeds 60%.


    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short or dielectric breakdown. The control of electrostatic discharge can easily be implemented by employing basic control practices and principles in conjunction with the proper control products. Establishing an ESD Control program is dependent on the components that need protecting, the specifications of the internal quality control program and both the manufacturer and customer's requirements. The most significant environmental factor in ESD Control is the relative humidity (RH). For maintaining relative humidity dehumidifiers are needed.


    Rust, mold, mildew, rot, decay, warping, stretching, lumping, caking, agglomeration anddecomposition are all common enough problems encountered in our daily life.It is interesting to note that the root cause of all these problems and many more is the presence ofmoisture or humidity in the air.The storage, manufacture and transportation of material often takes place in a humid environmentwhich is not suited to the moisture sensitivity of the material, leading to deterioration of storedmaterial, machinery, equipment and reduced product appeal.In the electronic industry, printed wirings get corroded due to presence of high humidity. Transistorsmay break down or suffer a decrease in longetivity and the uniform growth of crystals is unachievable.


    Water can lead to short circuits and power failure. The damage caused due to water in electrical circuits can be very expensive so it makes sense to ensure that you are well protected from it. Electrical switchboards, wires, and circuits should be protected from exposure to water. Dampness and excessive moisture can also lead to serious damages. Dehumidifiers help a lot in these cases.

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