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The Ministry of Defenseis more worried about storing of military equipments. Storing of military equipment’s under controlled conditions is important.
The climate in and around military and aerospace equipment, systems and components has a direct influence on the quality and condition of the items, maintenance, repair and replacement costs, and availability. AAI’s dehumidification system reduces maintenance expenditure and even halts corrosionby reducing relative humidity.



    Moisture present in explosives is highly undesirable since it reduces the sensitivity, strength, and velocity of detonation of the explosive. Moisture can also cause undesired chemical reactions.Explosives based on ammonium nitrate have little or no water resistance due to the reaction between ammonium nitrate and water, which liberates ammonia, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.

    Powder explosives are also extremely sensitive to humidity. Depending on its chemical nature, relative humidity in storage environment will affect the moisture content of powders and will inhibit or promote the explosives ignitability and explosion strength. These undesirable influences are sometimes very strong and lead to explosion risks higher than for the dry powder.


    Galvanic reactions occur on circuit boards due to dissimilar metals and the solder used to connect the component to the copper foil in the circuit board. This causes large amounts of component failure in radios, surveillance and listening equipment. AAI Dehumidification system would maintain 40% RH, preventing oxidation of electrolyte.


    Firearms, ammunition, and explosives requires storage in optimal environments. Excess moisture will cause firearms to become rusty, stock warp, mold or fungus growth or condensation inside rifle scopes, cause parts to stick together or cause a potential misfire. The concern with long term storage of ammunition storage is the corrosion on the shell casings. Humidity affects the corrosion on un-oiled surfaces. If corrosion is not detected, rifle bores will become pitted and unusable. By controlling the humidity to less than 50% RH corrosion is minimized.


    When painting aircraft it is important to minimize static conditions, as this will result in uneven paint thickness and poor quality of the paint job in general. AAI’s Dehumidification System provides solutions available to maintain the desired level of climate.


    Textiles places inside box or drawers will hold moisture due to lack of air movement. This will lead to growth of mold and mildew. The solution is to remove elements required to feed the fungus which is moisture. The desired level of control for textiles and parachutes is less than 40% RH and by the use of AAI’s Dehumidifier will achieve the requirements.

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