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AAI dehumidification systems provide efficient climate control systems for the development of agricultural products. Sufficient air exchange, humidity control, optimize temperature are important factors in maintaining health and productivity of agricultural cells.



    In animal husbandry, feed conversion ratio (FCR) is a measure of an animal's efficiency in converting feed mass into increases of the desired output. The farmers’ cost for animal feed is one of the main expenditures which affect overall production costs. Climate variance affects FCR which directly affect production costs. AAI dehumidification Systems controls climate conditions.


    The heat and humidity of a typical summer combine to make a very uncomfortable environment for lactating dairy cows. During hot summer weather, milk production may decrease by as much as 50 per cent and reproductive proficiency of lactating dairy cows is greatly diminished. Some data indicate that only 10 to 20 percent of insemination in “heat stressed” cow s result in pregnancies. Some signs of heat stress in lactating cows are obvious, especially the reduced milk production and the lethargic behavior of the cows. Moderate signs of heat stress may occur when the temperature is between 80° and 90°F with the humidity ranging from 50 to 90 percent. These signs include rapid shallow breathing, profuse sweating and an approximately 10 percent decrease in milk production and feed intake by cows. As temperatures rise to 90° to 100°F and humidity remains in the 50 to 90 percent range, the cow will show severe depression in milk yield,usually greater than 25 percent, and in feed intake as her body temperature elevates. She will begin exhibiting more significant signs of heat stress, such as open mouth breathing with panting and her tongue hanging out.In severe cases, cows may die from extreme heat, especially when complicated with other stresses such as illness or calving.


    Wastage of product increases if the product does not satisfy the needs of customer. Almost 30-40% of fresh fruits and vegetables produced are wasted due to decaying or fungal growth or decaying. It happens when proper storage facility is not provided.This wastage would lead to loss in reputation of company as product quality is not maintained.

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