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When moisture in the air condenses on to cold pipes, valves, and pumps, a number of destructive effects can occur. High humidity resulting from a damp environment can cause corrosion of metal, deterioration of paint, and failure of electrical components. Sanitation also becomes a concern when a moist location acts as a breeding ground for the development of bacteria, fungus, and molds.

AAI Dehumidifier can provide year-round consistent humidity levels regardless of the season. There are no coils to freeze up and a humidistat guarantees warm dry air, on demand, regardless of ambient conditions.



    Cold surfaces when surrounded by moist air, water vapor will condense on the surface if temperature of surface is lower than the temperature of surrounding air. This often leads to corrosion in water treatment plants. Without moisture control, moisture condenses on ice rink surfaces and softens the ice. Injection molding machines often use chilled water to remove the heat from the plastic during forming. Condensation can form on the molds causing disruption in the molding process.


    If moisture level is not controlled then corrosion occurs. Moisture present can lead to short circuits as well as power failure. AAI dehumidifier’s control the moisture levels so that many problems generated due to presence of moisture is avoided.

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