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Power generating station is an industrial location that is utilized for the generation and distribution of electric power in mass scales. These stations require huge land and water. A power generating station has to not only take care of efficient generation but also the fact that the power is transmitted efficiently over the entire distance.

High humidity causes condensation, corrosion, rust which directly affects performance of system as well as electrical operations. This could lead to high maintenance costs, startup failure as well as delivery issues.

Use of AAI Dehumidification system ensures that power plants are protected from condensation, rust and corrosion and also benefits in terms of Low maintenance and Operating cost, Less energy consumption, Increase efficiency and power outputs.



    Water can lead to short circuits and power failure. The damage caused due to water in electrical circuits can be very expensive so it makes sense to ensure that you are well protected from it. Electrical Switchboards, wires, and circuits should be protected from exposure to water. Dampness and excessive moisture can also lead to serious damages. Dehumidifiers help a lot in these cases.


    Moisture inside the boiler tubes causes tubes to oxidize and corrode. The corrosion forms grooves within the tubes that lead to cracks and boiler failures.


    Humid air entering oil compartments will often cause moisture condensation on the walls and ceilings above the oil level. Frequent temperature change cycles may greatly increase the rate of condensation. Eventually the condensation will coalesce and run down the casing walls to the bottom forming a layer of free water or puddle. Dehumidifier prevents condensation.


    The most important factor in atmospheric corrosion, overriding pollution or lack of it, is moisture, either in the form of rain, dew, condensation, or high relative humidity (RH). In the absence of moisture, most contaminants would have little or no corrosive effect. So, humidity control is far major issue in power generation stations.


    Corrosion inside the plant hinders plant attempts to control sulphur emissions in the environment.Sulphur emissions lead to acid rains that damages buildings and also harm human health.


    When corrosion affects systems carrying steam or hot water such as pipes, tanks material or welds may fail, causing bodily injury or death.


    Outlet ducts generally have a lower temperature than inlet ducts, making them more susceptible to condensation.

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